Dancing Salmon Home Premieres at American Indian Film Festival

Since you haven’t heard from me for a year, you may have thought Dancing Salmon Home was a faded dream, but the many hours of images and sound have been steadily transforming into a real honest-to-goodness film.  And as proof of that fact, I just received word that the documentary has been accepted to show at the American Indian Film Festival, in San Francisco.  This is very exciting, as it will be the first public showing at its full 65 minute length!  If you’re in the area at noon on Tuesday, November 6, I hope you will attend.

The film has also been accepted at another well-regarded environmental film festival, but the official announcement has not been made, so the details will have to wait. 

It’s great to get it to this stage, but there is still plenty of work to be done, so if you have it in your pocket and your heart to help with a tax-deductible donation, it will be well-spent on technical polishing and distribution.  I appreciate any amount, and you will be included in the credits!

I extend a huge Thank You! to all of you who have already donated your hard-earned dollars and offered encouragement and spiritual support along the way.  Without you, the project would not have gotten this far.

And I have appreciation beyond words for Chief Caleen Sisk and the members of the Winnemem Wintu tribe who have endured my following them around with camera and microphone over the last two and a half years.  I hope this film will help the world understand your important story and hear your message about the importance of Salmon and Water.

Find more information about the festival at this link, although the site isn’t yet updated with this year’s information.


About Will Doolittle

Owner of Moving Image Productions Producer-Director of the "Dancing Salmon Home" documentary
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One Response to Dancing Salmon Home Premieres at American Indian Film Festival

  1. This is wonderful news. I hope the film will be shown in many places. Link TV?

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